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In The Distance

Featuring Encaustic Paintings and Prints by Deborah Traer

Opening Reception: Saturday, April 15, 3-6 PM

With Deborah Present

Show Runs Through 5/31/17

Minimal landscape paintings can be a difficult genre.  Seemingly simple to render, they can be overlooked by their viewers.  Many people, when looking at familiar territory, want to see exacting images and shadings.  Thus, landscapes of this type can be a challenge to both the artist to produce and the viewer to identify with.

Enter, minimalist painter, Deborah Traer and her upcoming show, "In the Distance."  An encaustic (wax) landscape painter for over 25 years, she found that a recent move from California to New Mexico greatly influenced her style of painting. The powerful elements of the New Mexico high desert, sun, wind, and sky led Deborah to consider a greater abstraction of our landscape, and she revised her colors, forms, and techniques to do so. 

When viewing the foreboding nature of Diablo Canyon (left), the snow-capped Sange de Christo mountains, the earthiness of her southwestern canyons, or the apparent scorched earth of "The Dark is Deep," Deborah has spontaneously followed her intuitive urges to capture New Mexico in a minimal, yet recognizable, and striking manner from a disntace.

Deborah looks forward to both sharing her work and meeting you in-person on Saturday, April 15.



Featuring Eyvind Earle's Landscape Prints

Opening Reception: Friday, June 2, 5-8 PM


Birds of Paradise

Featuring Paintings and Assemblages by Charlie Aldrich

Opening Reception: Saturday, July 15, 3-6 PM

With Charlie Present



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