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Featuring Art Glass by Václav Kuzelka

Opening Reception: Friday, January 5, 5-8 PM

Show Runs Through 1/31/18

Václav Kuzelka is almost 70 years old; his entire life has been spent with glass.

In the former Czechoslovakia, he worked with the biggest glass company, Crystalex, as their technologist.  He spent one year in NIgeria as a teacher at the Federal Polytechnic Institute in Acure.

After the Czech Revolution, in 1989, he became a director of one of the nine factories of Crystalex in Novy Bor (North of Bohemia, an area of glassmakers). 

In 1994, it really started to click for Václav, as he started his own business.  He bought an old factory, repaired it, and employed 40-45 people.  In 2008, due to the economic depression, he had to pare back his work force and now only works with a few skilled craftsmen.

During this time, the legacy of Friedrich Egermann (1777-1864) entered into Václav's artistic life.  To make his glass vases and jardinières, Václav reintroduced the red staining technique that Egermann developed in 1832.  He then applied it to other colors.  Essentially, copper ions are added to the glass mixture to produce a colored glass layer that is more uniform in luminescent color.  Václav is only one of two practicioners of this "old world" technique today as he applies it to his contemporary glass design.

Persson of Interest

Featuring Art Glass by Stig Persson

Opening Reception: Friday, February 2, 5-8 PM

Show Runs Through: 2/28/18


"Persson of Interest," featuring the cast glass creations of Stig Persson, opens at Palette Contemporary Art and Craft on First Friday, February 2nd from 5-8 PM and runs though February 28th, 2018.

Common questions that we hear when one views Stig Persson's work are, “Why does it look like it does?” and "What is it?".

A Danish glass artist, Stig expresses his answer to this question in the same manner that he creates his artwork, in a beautifully minimal fashion.

Stig likes his glass to have sort of a raw finish. He likes it when there are airbubbles trapped inside where you can see that two pieces of glass have melted together even if there are some small impurities trapped inside this glass.

 In his opinion, these things add to the strength of his work… makes it seem more powerful! He imagines that this is what the first glass looked like, when it was first discovered.

 Two recurring series of work that Stig creates are “Stacked” + “Layers.” Stig describes both series as follows:

 The elements for the “Stacked” work is all cast from individual models, then cut, ground, and finally resin-coated.

“Stacked” was created over time and the inspiration comes from very different directions.  Over one summer, Stig passed through a wooded area several times, where they were cutting down an “obscene” amount of trees and the piles just grew and they grew.

During the same period, he was cleaning up his studio and came across several boxes with leftovers from the time he was making glass panels with drilled-out holes. Stig saved these “holes” and just started stacking them like logs in a woodpile. Needless to say, Stig’s glass panels were very thick for these holes could be upwards of ten inches deep!

The potential alphanumeric part of his piece title refer to planets or constellations from one of his favorite science fiction series.  He’d spend a lot of late evenings on his building’s roof, looking up at the stars.  One night, while picking out a few of his favorites, Stig wished he could collect and keep these stars together in a pile. So, Stig also considers “Stacked” to be kind of a star-hole pile.

The elements of his “Layers” are produced the same way as “Stacked” with one key addition: glue. For his separate elements are fastened together using a flexible glue.  Flexible glue is used so that one can handle “Layers” without the risk of adding tension to the assemblage. This method however, sometimes can cause reflections to change in the glass.  But, then again, Stig likes this result because it both adds to the strength of his work and one may be able to see how he constructed it.

To answer our first two questions above, Stig's artwork can also be reminiscent of crankshafts and books.Regardless, they are sure to pique your interest!

This February, we will also be introducing a new artist into the gallery, Nathan

We look forward to seeing you throughout the month of February and hope that you'll attend our opening!

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