Yukako Kojima

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At a young age, Yukako was already world renowned. Japanese glass-art educational programs were improved in the last decade due to the emergence of young, fresh work - such in the case of Yukako Kojima's pieces. Since the time she was a student at Toyama City Institute of Glass Art in Toyama Japan, she has refined her craft and sensibility when working with glass and many have taken notice.

Her beautiful, reflective glass art pieces have won special prizes in juried shows all over the world. Palette is pleased to showcase not only her fine art glass sculpture, but also her jewelry. Her oeuvre is simply titled "Layers of Light". Each piece (whether it is jewelry or freestanding sculpture) embodies similar principles of smooth surfaces, basic forms, and complex internal matrixes that reflect the light within and throughout the piece.

Yukako's intention is to create pieces that urge the viewer to look inside the glass' matrix. As she puts it, "there is always a three-dimensional shape inside." Her assemblage of separate pieces of laminated glass builds a progression of color and density. The outer layers are thin and transparent while the center of each piece is visually complex, thicker, and exhibits various tonalities.

Working with glass that is generally used for practical purposes, Yukako explores the artistic possibilities of laminated glass. Laminated glass, also called "safety glass", is used for windows in cars, for example. Laminated glass contains a layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) in between layers of glass, keeping it from completely shattering when hit. (This is why we see a spider-web-like pattern in cracked windshields). When laminated glass is layered with other pieces of laminated glass, the PVB produces a reflective affect, where surrounding objects and colors are reflected throughout the piece.

The result is that Yukako's laminated sculpture and jewelry tends to be muted in color, with tonalities varying in hues of blues, green, and brown. Her clean, crisp, and innovative style is a captivating joy to view in person.

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