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Artist's Statement:

My work has always had an autobiographical component. Life experiences inform my ideas and in turn are translated into my visual language. Even though the germ of the ideas start with a private event, they are universal feelings and often arise from the most basic of life's experiences.

Over the last five years I have been dealing with the death of a close relative, particularly the intense time we had together as she approached her death. My work has evolved in part as a response to our conversations during that time about belief in an afterlife. I have been working to resolve the dilemma between my skepticism about the human need to believe while seeing, during our last months together, the very real comfort such belief can offer someone nearing the end of their life.

Visually, I have brought together the architectural structure of the pyramid to represent an ancient culture's belief in the afterlife, focusing on the passage that the Egyptians thought, allowed the soul to escape. Slowly, this form has mutated into a pyramid structure with the negative passage and the two solid components forming a negative cross, thus reflecting the modern religious symbol so important to Christians.

Finally, in my latest work the shape becomes a solid cross with twisted angles, some shaped like a pyramid, and the cross evolving into an abstract form, attempting to explore the dilemma of my own self doubt. The cross ideas are now forming a large idea base as I move from reflection on my personal loss to thinking about why humans need religion to justify conflicts and wars, and the needless waste of life they bring to our world.

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