Holly Anne Mitchell

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1. What has been the most interesting commission that you have completed to date?
The most interesting commission came from the production company that produces the Broadway Musical, ”The Producers”. A few years ago, The Sillerman Group commissioned four pieces (two bracelets and two pairs of cuff links) consisting of “The Producers” playbills. These four pieces were given as congratulatory gifts to Mel Brooks and his wife.

2. Since your work is considered to be functional art, are you ever tempted to do non-functional pieces?
Although I have done a few non-functional pieces (wall sculptures), I am focused on functional artwork. I want to give a common, ordinary material(newspaper) with one specific function (to provide information to readers), a completely new function (wearable art medium). I believe this challenges people to take a second look at everything around us.

3. Does one series of pieces lead you to other series or directions?
Yes, a series of pieces often leads me in new directions. For example, I created a series of pieces consisting of expired coupons. These pieces led me to explore using UPC/BAR CODES of Expired Coupons. The use of this material has taken my work into a new, interesting direction. I always tell people that I never run out of materials or ideas!

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