Robert Kipniss

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Robert Kipniss (b.1931), painter and print artist, has been producing work for fifty years. From 1968 into the 1990s, he created over 450 lithographs and started making mezzotints in 1982.

Mysterious, isolated, tranquil, and subtle are all words that can be utilized to describe Robert Kipniss' artistry. Many of his compositions depict natural environments, home interiors, or small town settings.
These essential shapes represent his reductive compositions in their purest form. Kipniss whittles a scene or object to its barest elements, yet, it remains recognizable to its viewer. Regardless of composition subject, Kipniss' perspective has been greatly influenced by his lifelong solitary strolls, taken usually at twilight. Fine scene details and people are neither as obvious nor present during such twilight jaunts and are rarely present in Robert's restricted subject matter.

Robert Kipniss' paintings and prints are displayed in museums world-wide such as The Art Institute of Chicago, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

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