Belle Brooke

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The unusual and mesmerizing jewelry created by Belle Brooke acquires its azygous character through the process of hand fabrication. Each piece is created in either sterling silver or 18 karat gold and sprinkled with semi-precious and precious stones. Tiny tubes are hand placed and smoldered in singular batches to create the effervescent circular patterns that define the signature collection, Metropolis. This method ensures that each piece is always unique.

Each elegant piece of jewelry created is made from 100% recycled precious metals.

The signature Metropolis collection is inspired by manmade acquisitions of the natural symmetry inherent in the organic worlds. It is an artistic rendering of the concept of cells and their multitudinous manifestations. Upon close inspection, a leaf is the collaboration of a myriad of unique cells, which together result in the creation of a whole object which is completely uniform and symmetrical in form.

In 2008 Brooke was presented with the prestigious Mort Abelson New Designer of the Year award.

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