Rusty Wolfe

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From high above, the landscape viewed from the window of a plane appears as an intricate collage. The farther from earth, the more complex the collage becomes. The inspiration for these paintings came as I stared out the window during flights across the country. I saw roads, farmland, and cities intersect to create opposing angles and geometric shapes. Nature's symmetry provides the template for this work.

Like molecules that have been magnified, the map-like paintings suggest that something larger is being represented. As the body of work evolved, so did the repetitive use of single shapes. Elements are revealed in multiples of size and color, which now become an essential ingredient, a measure of weight. Color creates the balance between composition and emotion.

The complexity of texture in each painting is an alluring force that invites exploration of the surface and its supple interludes with time and space. An appreciation for antiques and a fascination with the way objects become worn and the patina that results from age has informed my use of a multi-layered palette. This body of work illustrates a diverse blend of images suspended in time. For me, as an artist, the intrigue continues as though there is an endless road ahead.

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