Alan Ussher

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Alan Ussher has had an interest in art and music from an early age, and had a creative childhood in and around the bush and creeks in the small town of Currububula, New South Wales Australia.

Alan first began glassblowing when a late friend invited him to try his hand at glassblowing in 2000, and it didn't take long for Alan to realize that he had found his medium of choice. This year Alan is celebrating his tenth year as a glassblower.

Alan supports himself solely from his work and creates a wide range of functional and decorative pieces which include pendants, perfume bottles, marbles, spinning tops, hair pins, tea pots, wine glasses, hanging ornaments, beads, guitar slides, sculpture and more. Alan also repairs scientific apparatus for the local university.

It's Alan's curiosity and desire to understand the potential of the medium and the development of his technical skill that has enabled him to create a wide range of saleable craft items. It is this foundation that Alan is now building on to create larger artistic sculpture, wall mounted sculpture and in future, light and water features.

Alan presents a lot of symbology and symmetry in his designs and he creates striking pieces that people identify with. As an example Alan's most recent pendant design looks like a tall doorway or archway.

Alan performs public glassblowing demonstrations weekly in his home town of Lismore, and has opened his studio to the public as a tourist attraction.

"There is a level of nostalgia when people see the large marbles and spinning tops that I make. I think it takes people back to their younger days. For me, the ability to create an orb, in itself is a special thing. It is such a beautiful object that is very much visibly under the influence of this ever pervading force of gravity that we all live by. The spinning tops are beautiful and intriguing, they too are a great reminder of the forces that play upon us and, for me a reminder that we are all a part of this amazing universe. I hope that you enjoy my work!"

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