Jonathan Garcia

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Jon Garcia is interested in the exploration of geometry and color through the art of laminated wood-turning.

Laminated wood-turning is a form of woodworking which creates wooden objects on a lathe whose layers were previously bonded to form one monolithic block. It differs from most other woodworking forms since the wood moves while a stationary tool cuts and shapes it.

An industrial design graduate and self-taught wood-turner, Jon was also influenced by his mother and brother's artistic backgrounds in pottery and drawing, respectively. Structures and sounds within musical compositions serve as a consistent inspirational source to his artistry as well. Jon's process usually begins by developing primitive forms on a computer using a 3-D modeling program. Once the design is finalized, Jon begins wood-turning, which he considers to be a true fusion of art, design, and craft. Bowls, Concentric Vessels, Barrels, Bee Hives, and Platters are just a few of the sculptures that result.

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