Karl Rademacher

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Would you consider doing a commission? What type of input do you want from a client interested in a commission?
I would be interested in painting a wall installation as a commission, but not a more "traditional" painting. I've always wanted to do a more permanent installation of this type. As far as client input, maybe just colors and/or products they might want a piece to revolve around.

What influences your choice of mediums (i.e. oils, acrylics, gouache, watercolors, linen, canvas, or board)?
My media choices are based on 2 things: what is the most efficient/effective media to use, in technical/practical terms, and how the formal and physical characteristics of a given medium contribute to the meaning of a piece. In choosing to work in acrylic and enamel, it was important to have the physical differences between the two media (gloss v. flat), and reflect the time in which the products and the paintings are produced. Both acrylic and enamel are relatively new mediums, often have more commercial applications (especially enamel) and the combination can be a very alluring/attractive mix. In some newer work, I combine oil, acrylic and enamel. I use oil, the more traditional, "natural" media to imply produce in the grocery store and enamel for the man-made, sometimes gaudy (sp?) labels. The combination, I think, reflects a kind of ownership by humans/corporations/etc. over these naturally occurring items. Apples and oranges don't need humans to make them, but we have kind of taken over and controlled their production for the mass market.

Which artist(s)' works do you collect? Why?
Because I don't have the money myself to collect others, I usually trade with artists I know. I have several paintings/pieces from friends and colleagues in the Bloomington/Normal IL area. I enjoy trading with people I know that I respect and admire their work, and I like being able to share my work with them as well.

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