Yong Joo Kim

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One of the main functions of art lies in challenging our preconceived notion, thoughts, and way of life. As a studio artist, I have been challenged to witness, over and over again, that beauty arises from what may seem like ordinary or even mundane materials, when you give them your sincere empathy and persistent truth.

Wearable objects are typically marketed to promote ,superficial beauty, status, and wealth, but what if they can instead, provoke questions like "What is that made of?" And what if finding the answer yielded a moment of surprise, followed by more questions like "I wonder why I didn't realize that before?" or "I wonder what other mundane materials I can use for such creative purposes?"

By wearing this body of work , you partake in a sublime experiment to spread moments of surprise and inquiry in the serendipity of our everyday lives. And as you do, you join the rest of us in the rekindling of our child-like curiosity and wonder.

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