John Lowe

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The technology behind John Lowe's, "Dreamspheres" took him about nine months of research and development to come up

One might think that his spheres are made out of glass, but they are actually formed from a unique combination of organic materials which is twice as strong as glass and approximately 300 times more expensive than glass. The materials used and processes involved in the creation of John’s Dreamspheres are his own invention and the spheres are created under laboratory conditions before being hand-polished.

Each Dreamsphere is, in theory, completely transparent and there are no dyes, colors, pigments or metallics inside. The millions of colors are produced by a geometric arrangement of cells at molecular level which “disassemble” light and reflect each wavelength many times over, changing the frequency every time. These are known as “structural” colors.

The spheres produce a wide band of colors within the visible spectrum, and probably produce some other colors which can’t be discerned by the human eye. (See “impossible” or “forbidden” colors - Wikipedia).

Many of the colors produced by the sphere are the result of mixed wavelengths and John can vary the amount of shorter wavelengths to generate more of the magenta/red end of the spectrum, for example. However, John finds that too many shorter wavelengths result in the spheres looking too red and “angry”, whereas, the longer wavelengths towards the blue end of the spectrum appear more soothing and relaxing. They are one of the most unique and intriguing spheres you will ever see.

These are a potent Feng Shui tool for moving stagnant chi, as well as a proven relaxation tool, stress-buster, color-therapy device and meditation aid.

Each Dreamsphere is an individual work of art and no two are the same. Each Dreamsphere is signed on the inside.

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