Frantisek Vizner

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Frantisek Vizner Passed Away At The Age Of 75 On 7/1/11

A major Czech glass artist, whose impressive career continues to grow, Frantisek Vizner trained at the famous glassmaking schools in Novy Bor and Zelezny Brod before completing his studies at the Academy of Applied Arts in Prague. After graduating from the academy he was first engaged as a glass designer at Sklo Union in Teplice and subsequently worked with hot shaped glass at the Centre of Arts and Crafts Glassworks in Skrdlovice. Like many glass artists of his generation, Vizner also contributed to architectural projects in the 1970s and 1980s. These included the attractive molded-glass bricks for the interior walls of Prague's Karlovo nomĕsto underground station and the monumental lighting system at the National Theatre in Prague.

Since 1977 cut glass has become the preliminary focus of Vizner's work. In his own studio, he works with the vertical grindstone creating geometric bowl and vase forms which are characteristic of his work. He works alone without any help or assistance, logically connecting the measures and the weight of the objects with his very own physical capabilities. These untitled pieces are carved from solid blocks of opaque glass and polished to a superbly smooth finish. The cut shapes have various thicknesses of glass, so that while the colour is solid in the centre, it becomes translucent at the thinner edges where the objects seem to diffuse into space. Some also mix a variety of finishes within one work, so a glossy outer layer may hold a pool of glass with a contrasting matt finish within.

Beranek Glass Works (Skrdlovice)

Founded in 1942 by the enterprising and talented glass master Emanuel Beranek, Beranek Glass Works' earliest designs were produced using waste broken glass, a huge amount of talent and sheer determination. Against all odds, the company survived and flourished under Communist rule in the 1950s and '60s, exporting its vast and diverse range of colorful glass around the world as far as Canada, Europe and Australia. From the 1950s until its demise in 2008, nearly every one of Czechoslovakia's influential glass designers worked with Beranek, including globally revered artists such as Frantisek Vizner.

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