Frederick Pichon

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Frederick Pichon was born and raised in France. He received his Masters in Architecture from Ecole des Beaux- Arts and worked as an architect in Paris for about 15 years. Some notable highlights in his architectural career include working on the renovation of the Grand Palais and Musee des Invalides in Paris. He became a U.S. citizen in 2011, and now lives and works as a full- time artist and designer.

Pichon's work strives to bring fleeting moments into the foreground, allowing him to omit everyday details while maintaining remarkable compositions. Pichon creates powerful negative space resulting in unexpected juxtapositions, yet keeps his viewers in a realm of realism. His paintings reflect his interests in design, architecture, science and history. Pichon's resin-coated paintings explore architectural draftsmanship in conjunction with abstract elements. The resin tends to emphasize contrast, but subdues low color variations. Geometry plays a large role in his work, as he often collages and utilizes computer imagery in constructing his multi-faceted, colorful paintings.

Frederick Pichon was influenced by Le Corbusier's architecture, specifically "Villa Savoye." Pichon's series features colorful interpretations of Le Corbusier's designs with strong lighting, gritty contours and a sense of weightlessness. His defined line work and commitment to geometry make for a noteworthy homage to this iconic architectural masterpiece.

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