Petr Hora

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Petr Hora began his studies in glass in 1965 at the Applied College of Glass Making in Zelezny Brod, Czech Republic. In 1971, after finishing school, Petr began working at the Beranek Glass Factory in Skrdlovice, where he became the director in 1978. In 1992, with the political changes happening in Czechoslovakia, the glass factory was given back to it's original owner, and thus, Petr's solo career and studio were established.

The first period of Petr's solo career focused on monochromatic objects that were based on elemental shapes, such as, the cone, pyramid, and wedge. The second period consisted of contrasting colors and different geometric shapes to be joined together to create an imaginary architecture of sorts.

Petr's current work has the most presence of the different periods of his life. His casts forms are simple, yet his use of matte and polished surfaces creates a refined juxtaposition that makes his pieces anything but ordinary.

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