Peter Botos

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Peter Botos was born August 3, 1945 in Budapest, Hungary. This self-taught artist did not begin as a glass artist, as he studied sociology at University in Budapest. He began his career in glass by making trophies for both professional and sporting events; since then he has exhibited in places such as Italy, various locations in Hungary, The Netherlands, England, and the US. His first solo exhibition was in 2004, and he has grown in popularity since then. In 2006, he made a sculpture for Gorbachev's 75th anniversary, and in 2007 he was asked to give a lecture at the Shanghai University of Fine Arts. As of 2008, he has been training students in glass work at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest.

Rooted in "Constructivism" (roughly 1915 thru the late 1930s),Peter's historical artistic goal has been not to translate his ideas and designs into items for mass production, but, rather, to further express eternality, and often, geometric stylistic influences into the dynamism of modern life. When one looks at Peter's constructions, it is easy to imagine them as small-scale architectural models the likes of which could become the next art museum building modernization program (i.e. Daniel Libeskind's work at the Denver Art Museum or Frank Gehry's latest condominium project), only with a whole lot more COLOR!

Mr. Botos follows in the long line of Eastern European art glass trend setters who celebrate the use of glass as a fine art medium. From Libensky and Brychtova's cast architectural sculptures to Frantisek Vizner's marvelously and precisely polished bowls, Peter aims to innovate by incorporating the laws of optics into his oeuvre.

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