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What geometry means to Pavel Trnka
"I remain fascinated by geometry. Geometry enables me to express myself in an economical, minimalist, and precise way. Simple geometric configurations have been known since the Paleolithic Era and were closely explored in all the oldest civilizations. Nowadays, geometry and physics are the focus of scientific interest as humanity strives to better understand the universe and life within it."

What color means to Pavel Trnka
"Color, light that is seen, fascinates me just as much as geometry does. Through color I am able to express myself simply, in a minimalist way, and convey my ideas and feelings to viewers. I do so in two dimensions in my paintings and in three dimensions in my sculptures made from the transparent material of glass being cut from various blocks of solid glass. Into these forms, which are light and color-permeable, I can then project color precisely according to my ideas"

Residence of Love
In this piece, color radiates into an interior space and is able to control itself in this big space and around other bright colors. The pink colors of this piece are inspired by the heart chakra (for those familiar with yoga, chakras, and their tenants). The very prevalent pink and green colors are considered, by the artist, to be very promising and attractive colors. (Photo Credits to Eva Heyd).

This piece uses a very beautiful red glass, colored with gold, that is very difficult to make. This type of glass is also very expensive, so it is rarely used by glass makers. This sculpture is a very colorful dynamic. The crystal glass component leads transfer the red color to the outer semi-circular wall of the sculpture. By design, "Gravitation's" red color, again, slowly disappears when viewed from a different angle. The sculpture's red color may be a symbol of the rising and setting sun, or it may be a symbol of the human base chakra - the will to live. (Photo Credits to Eva Heyd).

Night to Day
This piece's image offers a perfect match to the title. One views the open road from dark-to light- to dusk with Trnka's clever assemblage. (Photo Credits to Gabriel Urbanek).

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