Wendy Hannam

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Wendy's textured glass pieces radiate originality. Her grid-like patterns on each piece reminds the viewer of an urban skyline.
Hannam's work captures the perspective of being in an airplane, overlooking the grid of buildings and roads on the distant earth below. Her use of a minimal palette of gray, black, white, and red add emphasis to the shape and texture of each piece while unifying the entire project. Each glass orb transforms from an art object into a futuristic and lonely city, revealing her personal experiences of living in a modern and urban environment.

Most who dwell in a city understand the sense of loneliness Wendy's pieces exude. Experiences such as walking amongst skyscrapers can make one feel small and the fast-paced urban lifestyle can make one feel disconnected from other people. Wendy's art glass profoundly captures this feeling of isolation.

Her glass making process requires several steps. She starts by blowing the glass into a hollow orb. Often, each piece has a top layer of glass that is colored. After the mini globe is formed, Hannam carves or sandblasts the outer surface, creating the textures and grids. The pattern and texture sandblasted and carved into the glass contrast its spherical form. Many pieces are paired and because of her palette continuity, most separate pieces group together quite nicely.

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