Tricia Allen

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1. How has the material, glass, determined the direction of your work, visually?
Hot glass is my passion, the material and the method, so of course, it plays a significant role in determining the visual direction of my work. Each piece is created relatively quickly (1-2 hours), during which time, it is a juggle of molten glass to create a desired outcome. The constraints of what is possible have to come into the design both in form and color. The glass colors have different melting points so they behave differently at the same temperature. Therefore, when used in combination, a design can have radically differing outcomes depending on the color selection. As color and pattern are the feature in my work, the material is contributing to the visual result.

2. Does one series of pieces lead you to other series or directions? If so, how?
Definitely, through working on a series, you usually find ideas developing that take the concept further or even head in a different direction. Lots of good ideas don't see the light of day because you get sidetracked by new ones. This is particularly so with hot glass as the unexpected can happen, enlightening you to new possibilities. You have to have flexible expectations with hot glass or you might miss what the glass can contribute. I enjoy working with it, not just imposing my will upon it.

3. Do artists have a propensity towards LARGE or SMALL pieces? Do you sometimes have the urge to do the opposite?
I work across a size range. Itís challenging to make larger pieces in blown glass. With experience, you can handle more glass so you find that you make larger pieces, but it is more physically demanding. So, I do get the urge to do the opposite. Hence, I mix the scale up on a regular basis.

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