Erica Rosenfeld

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Last year,we displayed pieces that you continued to add on to.Is this thecase with each of SOFA 2007's works?

I began these pieces during my fellowship at Wheaton Arts this past springand finished them in October,2007. I never added on to them- just completed them.

-Please discuss the composition of each SOFA 2007 work.

I create my tapestries by first fusing a 3"x 3"x 6" block of sheet glass together in a kiln. I then pick the block up in the hot shop and hot-manipulate and pull it so that it shrinks in width and becomes about 5 feet long. When it has cooled I slice it up into very thin tiles and sand them flat. I then carve their shape. After this coldworking process, I then drill them. Then I sew them with tiny glass beads onto fabric and wire mesh to create the tapestry. Each tapestry had 1,200-1,500 pieces of glass on it.

-At least one of pieces has "undulation" built into it.What influenced your decision to put this trait in your work?

All of the tapestries have undulation in them. I did this to make the glass become more soft- like a textile. I like that something that is usually so cold and stiff can become something that appears soft.

-If you could produce only form of art glass(jewelry,wall hangings, tapestries, sculpture)which would it be and why?

I can't really imagine producing one form of work. My jewelry is like small scale models for my tapestries. They are pretty dependent on each other. My ultimate goal, however, is to make the tapestries. I much prefer them over the wall hangings. The wall hanging were a great way for me to learn about glass; but, because I began beading when I was 5, I truly am a beader who got into glass. This is a way for me to combine both of these processes which I love.

-How do you install each of your SOFA pieces on the wall?

Each tapestry is backed by fabric which has 4 holes sewn into it. The holes fit over nails or screws in the wall.

-Do these pieces require any special cleaning care?If so,with what cleaning tool?

The only care they need is an occasional dust-off with a feather duster.

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