Peter Kovacsy

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1. Please tell us about the different methods of casting?
Casting methods can differ greatly depending upon the equipment and techniques which each individual artist uses. Two factors appear to be constant: a kiln and glass are always employed. The process required to achieve the end result can often be a combination of methods learned from experience and can vary greatly from artist-to-artist.

The basic method I use is a variation of the glass casting techniques pioneered in the early 1960s by Jaroslava Brychtova and Stanislav Libensky of the Czech Republic. This method for making large cast glass sculptures was achieved by melting in a kiln small pieces of glass that are placed into a mould made from silica and plaster.

2. Do you enjoy working in more than one medium?
I have always enjoyed working with different materials and exploring the creative processes. I couldn't imagine only being able to express my work with the one medium. Many of my latest large cast glass sculptures are first made from wood. It is a wonderful experience to be intimately involved with the material and in the making of the original form.

3. Where in the artistic process do you affix a title to your piece?
My larger minimalist works concerning the Australian Landscape and the way light moves in and on this landscape are all sculptures that come from a conceptual base. The concept for a new work often comes from field trips to develop sketches where I take photos and get a feel for the light and space for the study. Back in the studio, I use chalk board sketches to help push these concepts toward a defining design/physical form. There usually comes a point in this creative journey that delivers an outcome, the place to be, where I just "see" exactly what is to be. The titling of the work is usually linked to the conceptual intent of the work, its feel, the place, and time of day reflected in the end work.
My smaller abstract figurative works explore people and places. These sculptures are created from my personal experience while in a place or in observation of people interacting. The titling of these works can be the first step, the idea behind the creative journey, and the primary cause for the concept to be developed.

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