Paul Harrie

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1. How do you get your "Tectonic" series pieces to have such a "stone-like" appearance? Did you personally develop the formula for appearance?
When I developed the Tectonic series, my main objective was to feature the glass objects in a white matrix. I wanted to show off the pieces that I make. I mix white cement with my cullet (clear glass sand) and my colored pieces to create a matrix that was interesting and was natural but man-made, if that makes any sense.

2. How many pieces do you have "in process" at any given time?
I will cast on a Saturday (my day to do different and unique work) as many as 8 sonotubes of tectonic. After curing for a week or two we cut these pieces up and polish them so I can have as many as 8 pieces being finished at any one time. The preparation for casting is quite extensive, so I only cast about once a month.

3. Do artists have a natural propensity towards LARGE or SMALL pieces? Do you sometimes have the urge to create the opposite?
I don't know about other artists but I tend to like smaller more intimate pieces that are very finished. However, I do get the urge to push the envelope and make very large pieces. Time, money, and technical considerations tend to limit these urges.

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