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Andrew Van Assche has recently been gaining popularity as a stoneware artist. He was a smashing success at the inaugural SOFA WEST, in Santa Fe, NM, and his work has been included in Lark Books "500 Series" books.

Here Andrew explains the meaning behind his triptych Secure, Undisclosed.

When I create my narrative tile pieces, I like to keep the story line loose and open to interpretation by the viewer. I think of the panels as stage settings that are evocative and that the viewer can interact with intellectually and emotionally. I do this because I often enjoy bringing my own interpretation to art that I encounter.

"Secure, Undisclosed is about how humans can risk confining themselves in the search for security. As the figures withdraw into the dwelling, the dwelling closes in on them. The box at the top left of each tile mimics a roof line. The symbols at the bottom are the suggestion of text. They are designed to make the piece interactive, so that the viewer can bring their own "story" to the piece. Often I think of Benjamin Franklin's quote: 'The man who trades freedom for security does not deserve, nor will he ever receive either.' Regardless, I do encourage people to bring their own meaning to each piece."

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